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What happens when you or a loved one has been injured or killed by a defective product? Finding an effective defective products lawyer can be a daunting task; however, that shouldn’t stop you from finding one if necessary. As life goes on, so does our dependence on more and more products. Whether it’s a generally perceived harmless product or even a product that must be used with extreme caution, a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer must ensure that products are safe for the public’s use. It’s very easy to forget how much trust you put in a manufacturer’s hands when using products that could potentially risk your life. Our defective products attorneys understand how quickly life can change with a defective product injury.

Product Liability Claim Results

The Phoenix defective product lawyers at our law firm have extensive experience in the field of products liability and personal injury. While experience is a very strong indicator of a law firm’s success, it’s important to consider a law firm’s history of recovering compensation for its clients. Each defective products attorney in our law firm has a history of winning cases for our clients. In fact, although results are not guaranteed, we strive to provide the best results for our clients and have recovered over 7.2 million dollars for our clients in products liability cases. We focus on every tiny detail needed to win your case and will collect all necessary evidence to ensure you receive compensation to pay for past, current, and future medical bills, as well as lost wages and compensation for emotional distress.

Phoenix defective product attorneys

What Is a Defective Product?

A defective product is a product that has a flaw in its design or was incorrectly manufactured. These defective products can be anything from medical devices to toys to tools, and they pose a risk of injury or death to users. Sometimes, certain products are simply dangerous and shouldn’t be sold for safety reasons — such as fireworks or defective ladders. Other times, a normally safe product can become defective when it’s not functioning correctly, such as with airbags or chain saws.

Though most people think of defective products as inherently dangerous, such as a flawed medication or an exploding water heater, it is important to understand that faulty products can come in many different forms. A product can be classified as defective because the instructions are inadequate or because it simply does not do what the manufacturer claims it will. For example, if you purchase a lawnmower that is supposed to cut grass at five inches high but instead cuts it at one inch, the product is defective.

If a defective product of any kind injures you, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Working with a qualified Phoenix defective product attorney is your best chance of successfully pursuing financial restitution for the harm that has been done to you and your family.

What Are Some Examples of Defective Product Cases?

Defective products are incredibly diverse and can sometimes be difficult to recognize. That’s why it’s so important that people seek out the assistance of a defective product attorney in Phoenix if they have been injured by any sort of faulty or unsafe consumer goods, work equipment, or medical devices. Some examples of defective product cases may include:

  • Faulty medication (such as a drug that causes catastrophic internal damages)
  • Faulty equipment (such as a defective leash that can snap or cause choking)
  • Improperly designed products (such as an improperly angled chain saw)
  • Inadequate warnings or instructions (such as a manual that fails to advise on how to properly use the product)

If you have been injured by a defective product, don’t hesitate to take action. Just because the risk of danger was not immediately apparent does not mean that you are not entitled to compensation.

Who Is Liable for Defective Products?

Generally, there are three parties at fault in the case of a defective product:

  • The first is the manufacturer, who designed and created the product in question. Sometimes, defective products are recalled by manufacturers, especially when the defect poses a risk of severe harm. However, consumers must be diligent because some defective products are not addressed by manufacturers, and their failure to identify issues and intervene means the product will continue to be sold.
  • The second party at fault is the wholesaler distributing the product to retailers and other sellers. It is important to not only hold the retailer accountable but also to pursue action against anyone in the supply chain up to and including the manufacturer.
  • The third-party at fault is the retailer, who sells the product to consumers. This can include not only physical retailers but also internet sites that sell the product to customers. If it can be proven that the retailer had some sort of knowledge of the defect or was neglectful in checking the product before it was purchased by the customer, they may be held accountable for injuries caused by the faulty product.

Who Can File a Defective Product Injury Lawsuit?

In general, those who have been injured because of a defective product can file a lawsuit. In the case of defective products that were designed for consumer use, consumers are the ones who have suffered as a result of using the product. For instance, if a defective toy that another family member purchased hurts a child, the injured child may have a case even if they did not purchase the toy themselves. Overall, any person who a defective product has injured can file a lawsuit, especially if they have been left with lingering injuries or financial problems as a result of the product.

What Can I Be Compensated for in Product Liability Cases?

People who are injured by defective products may be entitled to the following:

  • Medical expenses. All medical expenses incurred as a result of the accident should be covered. This includes, but is not limited to, hospital stays, rehabilitation sessions, doctors’ visits, prescriptions for medication, physical therapy costs, and more. The injured party may also be entitled to future medical care, depending on the long-term effects of the defective product.
  • Pain and suffering. The pain and suffering inherent in an injury caused by a defective product is not something that can simply be brushed aside. Those who suffer serious injuries in such accidents may experience scarring, disfigurement, chronic pain, long-term health problems, emotional trauma, and anxiety or depression.
  • Lost wages. If the injured party is unable to return to work because of the injury, they may be entitled to compensation for lost wages. If the injuries prevent them from returning to work for an extended amount of time, they may also be entitled to future lost wages.
  • Loss of consortium. If the injured party is married or in a committed relationship, their spouse or partner may be entitled to loss of consortium. This covers the damage that was done to the relationship because of the injury, which may include increased stress levels, loss of intimacy, decreased communication, and more.
  • Decreased quality of life. If an injury from a defective product has caused chronic pain, disfigurement, scarring, or other long-term issues that decrease the quality of life for the injured party, they may be entitled to compensation.

These are the most common types of compensation that may be sought in defective product cases. If you or someone you know has been injured by a defective product and is currently dealing with any of these issues, consulting with a Phoenix defective product attorney is a good way to determine the best course of action.

How Can I Prove My Case?

When filing a defective product lawsuit, it is important to be able to prove that the product was indeed defective. This is usually done by obtaining documentation from a third party, such as an independent testing agency, that verifies the product’s safety standards were not met. Documentation such as this is important because it can be used to show that the product was inherently dangerous and that the company knew about it.

The other aspect of a defective product case that may need to be proven is that the injured party was using the product as it was intended to be used. If it can be shown that the injured party was using the product precisely as they should have been, this will likely strengthen their case.

If you have been injured by a defective product, you will want to prove strict liability even if the manufacturer has shown no signs of negligence. This is where it’s essential to have a trained defective products lawyer represent you because the laws can be very misleading. If you want to prove strict liability you must prove in some way that:

  • The product was not altered from its condition when you bought it.
  • You were injured in the course of normal use of the product because of the defect.
  • The product contained an “unreasonably dangerous” defect.

In the end, it is up to a defective product attorney to present a strong case that proves the injured party should be compensated for their injuries. This information can be difficult to obtain by the average person, which is why consulting with a professional is the best way to proceed.

Why Do I Need a Phoenix Defective Product Attorney?

To determine if you have a defective product case, it may help to consult with a Phoenix defective product attorney. They will be able to review your case and determine if it has merit. If so, they will be able to help you take the proper steps in filing a product liability claim against those responsible for your injuries.

Other values include:

  • Strong knowledge of defective product law. A Phoenix defective product attorney will be skilled in the laws surrounding product liability. This is helpful because it provides them with a solid knowledge of how to maintain a strong case from the beginning.
  • Legal experience. A top-quality Phoenix defective product attorney will have years of legal experience that they can put to use for you. This is beneficial because they have experience in assessing cases, knowing what evidence to gather, and how to present it in the best possible manner.
  • Patience. If you are dealing with the stress of being injured by a defective product, the last thing you need to worry about is an attorney who is rushing through your case. The best Phoenix defective product attorneys will be patient with you throughout the entire process.
  • Empathy. It can be difficult to deal with the effects of defective product injuries. A Phoenix defective product attorney will understand how you are feeling and do their best to put you at ease throughout the process.
  • Negotiation. Often, a defective product case is resolved through negotiation. The power of a qualified attorney can make negotiating easier and increase your chances of getting a successful resolution, as opposed to going to court and representing yourself.

Contact the Luis P. Guerra, LLC Law Firm for Defective Product Legal Support in Phoenix

No one expects to encounter a defective product, but it can be an incredibly frustrating and life-altering experience when they do. If a defective product injured you, it is important that you contact Luis P. Guerra, LLC today to learn more about how our Phoenix product liability lawyers can help you. With a Phoenix defective product attorney on your side, you will have the legal support you need to move forward with your case and receive the compensation you deserve.

We are the most dedicated Phoenix product liability attorneys in the field. We will go to great lengths to collect all the necessary evidence needed for your case. We will personally examine the defective product and collect all of the hard evidence required. We will stand up for you in court, in person, and represent you to handle all the potential stress that results from litigation. Each defective products lawyer in our firm views you as family and will treat your case as if you are a member of our own. Why? Because we are passionate and empathetic individuals who chose to dedicate our lives to helping those who have been wrongfully injured.

Schedule a free consultation with one of the defective products attorney in our law firm. Our consultations are completely free, and our legal fees are based on a contingent basis. We only charge our clients if we recover compensation. We want to make sure you leave better off than before you met us. Give us a call today!

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