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The term “personal injury” defines any incident in which one party’s misconduct or failure to use reasonable care harms another party. The injured party has the right to file a civil suit against the party who injured them, and the basis of a personal injury case could be a physical injury, intentional infliction of emotional and psychological distress, or economic loss. However, almost every type of personal injury claim revolves around some type of economic damage, and the average claimant could be legally entitled to claim more of a recovery than they initially expected.

Experienced Personal Injury Counsel in Scottsdale

Any personal injury has the potential to be a life-changing event for the victim, their family, and the defendant responsible for the incident. The initial aftermath of a personal injury can be very difficult to navigate, especially when the victim is struggling with their medical needs along with the financial fallout of the incident. The losses the victim incurs can quickly snowball, creating a desperate financial situation for their household. For example, a painful injury can lead to expensive medical treatment costs, long-term health care expenses, and missing income from the inability to work.

Do not shoulder the effects of another party’s negligence or misconduct on your own. The right Scottsdale personal injury attorney can provide the guidance and support any victim needs to navigate the civil claim filing process successfully. Luis P. Guerra, LLC, provides compassionate legal counsel to clients suffering the effects of all types of personal injuries, and our team is ready to guide you through your personal injury case.

Scottsdale Personal Injury Attorney

Types of Personal Injury Claims Our Firm Handles

Anyone who intends to file a civil suit for damages against another party needs to have legal representation from an attorney familiar with cases like theirs. Whether you have suffered relatively minor injuries that will eventually heal completely, or another party has inflicted a catastrophic injury on you or a loved one, you need to find an attorney with a solid professional record of successful claims similar to your own. Luis P. Guerra, LLC, provides personal injury representation for many types of claims, including:

  • Motor vehicle accident cases. Vehicle crashes are one of the most common causes of personal injury case filings in Arizona. Auto insurance may only offer minimal compensation to an accident victim, and a personal injury claim can offer the best chance of securing full repayment of all the losses a negligent driver caused.
  • Premises liability claims, which pertain to the legal responsibilities of property owners when it comes to ensuring lawful visitors do not suffer avoidable injuries on their properties. If a private property owner fails to take care of their property or address an obvious safety issue that later harms a guest or visitor, the property owner faces liability for the victim’s personal injury.
  • Dog attacks. Dogs may be popular pets, but they can easily cause traumatic or even life-threatening injuries with little to no warning. The state’s strict liability rule means that a dog owner is fully liable for injuries their pet causes, regardless of whether the dog has a history of past aggression.
  • Product liability cases. If a defective and/or unreasonably dangerous consumer product harmed you or a family member, you could have grounds to file a product liability suit against the manufacturer.
  • Medical malpractice. While thousands of residents trust their medical providers to offer safe and effective care, medical negligence is a leading cause of accidental injuries and deaths throughout the United States each year. If a medical professional is responsible for your recent personal injury, you need an attorney experienced with handling the unique laws that apply to this type of case.
  • Catastrophic injury claims. A personal injury is “catastrophic” when it results in life-changing problems for the victim. For example, if you suffered a traumatic brain injury, it may have left you permanently disabled. Our firm can represent the victim of a catastrophic injury or a family member filing a civil suit on behalf of a severely disabled family member.

There are many other types of personal injury claims we can handle for clients in Scottsdale. Our team takes time to learn as much as we can about a client, their story, and the events in question that led to their injury. We know the challenges you will face in your pursuit of compensation for your damages and the uncertainty that can follow any personal injury in Arizona. Rest assured, our team has the professional experience and resources to help you maximize your recovery to the fullest possible extent under Arizona law.

Proving Fault for a Personal Injury in Scottsdale

Before a personal injury plaintiff can secure compensation for their damages, they must prove the nature and severity of those damages and identify the party who caused them. This is easier in some cases than others, and it is possible for more than one party to bear fault for a personal injury. If you were hurt badly enough that you do not recall the events leading up to your injury, a Scottsdale personal injury attorney is an invaluable asset for proving fault and holding the defendant appropriately accountable for your losses.

Most personal injury cases hinge on the legal concept of negligence, or a failure to use appropriate care and caution in a given situation. For example, when you are driving your vehicle, you have a duty of care to pay attention to the road. Distracted driving would be a breach of this duty of care. Your Scottsdale personal injury attorney can help you prove who caused your personal injury and establish a clear link between their actions and your losses.

When a personal injury occurs from an intentional act of harm, such as interpersonal violence or driving under the influence (DUI) in Arizona, the defendant is responsible for the plaintiff’s civil damages, but they also face criminal prosecution from the state. It’s possible for the criminal case against the defendant you have named in your civil action to influence your recovery, and your attorney will explain how this could apply to your unique case.

Compensation for Personal Injuries in Scottsdale

It’s natural to wonder how much of a recovery you could potentially obtain if you succeed with your personal injury action. The right Scottsdale personal injury attorney will assist you in maximizing the compensation you secure for your economic damages, which are likely to include:

  • All medical treatment costs you face from the incident in question. A personal injury may not only lead to extensive immediate health care costs for the victim but also ongoing and future medical expenses for managing severe injuries. Our team can carefully review your medical records and health care bills to determine how much the defendant owes you for this aspect of your case.
  • Lost wages. If the injury you suffered prevents you from working for any extended period, the defendant is responsible for paid time off you were forced to use and/or income you were unable to earn while you were recovering.
  • Lost earning capacity, if the defendant caused a permanent injury that causes disability and prevents you from working. An experienced Scottsdale personal injury attorney is a crucial asset if you want to accurately determine the full range of future income you are no longer able to earn due to the defendant’s actions.
  • Property losses, such as vehicle repair costs after a car accident or home repair costs, if a defective product injures you and damages your home.

Luis P. Guerra, LLC, can help you maximize the compensation you receive for your immediate and future economic damages, but your recovery will not end there. You can also claim pain and suffering compensation that reflects the severity of your experience, and punitive damages could enhance your final case award if the defendant committed any illegal misconduct that resulted in your injury.

What to Expect From Scottsdale Personal Injury Attorneys

The sooner you connect with a reliable legal team, the more likely you are to reach an acceptable result for your case. Additionally, your attorney will make each phase of your case easier to manage and more likely to generate positive results. In the early stages of your case, your attorney will be crucial for gathering the evidence needed to prove liability and substantiate your claim for damages. They can uncover the full range of economic losses you can include in your civil suit, including any that have not been realized yet.

When you choose Luis P. Guerra, LLC, to manage your case, we will uncover every channel of compensation that’s available to you, address any disputes regarding liability for your damages, and prepare you for each new stage of your proceedings. Our team will leverage our professional experience and resources to help our client secure as much compensation as state law allows in the most efficient manner possible.

Scottsdale Personal Injury Lawyer FAQs

Q: What Percentage Do Most Scottsdale Personal Injury Lawyers Take?

A: When you choose Luis P. Guerra, LLC, to represent your personal injury case, we charge a contingency fee. If we secure a settlement from the defendant, our fee is a percentage of the final case award, and most personal injury attorneys take between 25% and 40% of the client’s final compensation. This may seem like a lot, but the right attorney can increase the total potential value of your claim far beyond your initial expectations.

Q: Can You Sue for Physical Pain and Emotional Distress in Arizona?

A: Yes, you have the right to seek pain and suffering compensation in your personal injury case. State law prohibits any limit on pain and suffering damages, and your Scottsdale personal injury attorney will be crucial for ensuring appropriate accountability for the defendant who caused your injury. It’s possible to seek per diem compensation until you reach full medical recovery, or your attorney may multiply your claimed economic losses by a factor that appropriately reflects the severity of your injury.

Q: How Long Do You Have to File a Personal Injury Case in Arizona?

A: A personal injury case in Scottsdale or anywhere else in the state must be filed within two years of the date the injury in question occurred. This means that if you suffered a personal injury on October 1, 2022, you would have until October 1, 2024, to file a personal injury claim against the party who harmed you. While this may seem like plenty of time, it is always best to start your civil claim proceedings as soon as possible.

Q: How Much Is My Personal Injury Lawsuit Claim Worth in Scottsdale?

A: When another party is clearly liable for a personal injury you recently suffered, they are responsible for the full economic impact of their actions. Economic damages in personal injury cases are generally easy to calculate with appropriate documentation, such as a hospital bill for the medical treatment you require and proof of the income you couldn’t earn during recovery. Your Scottsdale personal injury attorney can also help you secure repayment of anticipated future losses resulting from the personal injury as well as pain and suffering compensation.

Q: Is It Really Worth Hiring a Scottsdale Personal Injury Attorney?

A: While you might think you can handle your claim alone, and there is no strict rule requiring you to hire legal counsel for a personal injury case, it is always best to have reliable representation if you want to reach the best possible outcome. Even after accounting for the cost of hiring your legal team, they can easily secure far more compensation than you could have expected to obtain on your own. Hiring an experienced Scottsdale personal injury attorney is a solid investment into your recovery and your future, especially after suffering a life-changing personal injury.

Luis P. Guerra, LLC, provides client-focused personal injury representation in a wide range of cases to Scottsdale-area clients. Our team understands that you are probably beset with a variety of economic issues along with the pain of your injury, and this situation can quickly turn desperate if you do not know how to take full advantage of your rights. Contact our team today today and schedule a case evaluation with a Scottsdale personal injury attorney.

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Total rating 5★ Quality of Representation Excellent!!! These attorneys understand all that is required to achieve favorable results. Talking with Mr. Shapiro and Mr. Guerra is easy and comfortable. I highly recommend this law firm.

I was badly injured in an accident at work. I hired a well-known attorney to represent me, but it wasn’t till Luis Guerra and his firm joined my case that things actually began to take off. Luis Guerra took my case personally and fought hard for me like I was family. I truly believe that if it wasn’t for him I would not have received the settlement that I did! He is an aggressive and HONEST attorney who will fight for what is right. His entire firm is filled with love and compassion for the victims. In the unfortunate event that you or a loved one is injured, I would HIGHLY recommend Luis Guerra.
Somer T.

Not only did Mr. Guerra and Mr. Shapiro meet their reputation but by far exceeded my expectations. They are diligent advocates for their clients, professional and extremely responsive to all inquiries. Most importantly, they had the expertise and genuine personal concern for my well-being that inspired confidence and ultimately resulted in an outstanding result. Mr. Guerra and Mr. Shapiro are attorneys that are truly interested in the welfare of their clients. I highly recommend having their team on your side for any case.

by Elizabeth H.

Mr. Luis Guerra is one of the most caring and compassionate people I have ever met. Thank God there are still people like him in the world. He carefully explained the entire process to me so I was aware at all times what was going to happen next.

The quality of representation we received was of the highest anyone could expect. It was a privilege to work with Luis and his staff. I am extremely grateful that I chose you to be our attorney. I am relieved that this matter has been concluded. Thank You for representing us. God Bless You.

Cindy B./Phillip H.

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