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Whenever one party’s actions result in physical injury and/or economic losses to a victim, the victim has the right to seek compensation from the party responsible for the harm they suffered. The legal mechanism for securing this compensation is a personal injury claim. If you or a loved one suffered any kind of personal injury from another party’s actions, a Gilbert personal injury attorney can help you hold them accountable.

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The right attorney can have a significant positive impact on the outcome of your impending personal injury case. Luis P. Guerra, LLC, has extensive professional experience helping clients in Gilbert with all kinds of personal injury cases, and we can put this experience to work for you as you seek compensation for damages another party caused.

You have a limited time in which to file a personal injury claim in Arizona, and the sooner you file this claim, the more likely you are to succeed with your case. Your attorney can help you meet all of the procedural requirements of your claim, including gathering whatever evidence you will need to prove liability and establish the full scope of the damages you can claim from the defendant who injured you.

While it may be technically possible for you to file a personal injury claim without legal counsel, do not make the mistake of assuming this would be a viable strategy to save money on legal fees. Even after you account for the cost of hiring legal counsel, your Gilbert personal injury attorney can add tremendous value to your case, and you are more likely to maximize your total compensation with their help.

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Represent in Gilbert

If you are searching for a Gilbert personal injury attorney to represent you in your case, you need an attorney who has proven experience resolving cases like yours. Luis P. Guerra, LLC, has successfully represented clients in a wide range of personal injury claims in the Gilbert area, including:

  • Motor vehicle accident claims. Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents happen in the Gilbert area for many reasons, and recovery from any vehicle accident typically begins with an auto insurance claim followed by a personal injury case. We can help you prove fault for your recent accident and explore all your available avenues of recovery.
  • Premises liability. All owners of private property in Arizona must ensure their premises are safe for people who visit lawfully and must address any foreseeable hazards they notice on their properties. If you were injured in a slip and fall or similar injury on someone else’s property, this can form the basis of a personal injury suit filed under Arizona’s premises liability laws.
  • Medical malpractice claims. If you or a family member sustained injuries due to negligent medical care, your case would fall under Arizona’s medical malpractice laws. These cases are technically personal injury claims, but there are special rules for medical malpractice claims, and you will require the assistance of an experienced attorney to succeed with this type of case.
  • Catastrophic injury claims. A personal injury can be considered “catastrophic” when it results in the victim being permanently harmed. Spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and severe burns are commonly reported catastrophic injuries that can cause a host of adverse long-term effects, including permanent disability and loss of earning capacity. A Gilbert personal injury attorney can help you recover as fully as possible from this type of injury.

Success with any personal injury claim in Arizona requires proof of fault for your damages. You will need to gather evidence and testimony to show how your accident happened and identify who is responsible. If the defendant injured you through illegal action, there is likely a police report on file that you will need to build your case.

Your Gilbert personal injury attorney will be an invaluable asset for helping you build your case. Most people may know who is responsible for injuring them but struggle to obtain firm evidence to support their case. They may have a grasp of the economic losses they can immediately recognize but will not know all the available avenues of compensation they might claim.

Working with seasoned legal counsel increases your chance of success with your case, and you will also be more likely to maximize your final case award. When a personal injury happened because of negligence, you must prove the defendant failed to act with reasonable care in a manner that caused the damages you’re claiming directly. If the defendant broke the law in causing your damages, they face criminal charges along with their liability for the harm done to you.

Claiming Compensation in Your Personal Injury Accident Suit

In personal injury cases, Arizona law allows the plaintiff to be repaid for any and all economic losses caused by the negligence or purposeful misconduct of a defendant. Depending on the type of personal injury you suffered, you may be able to claim compensation for:

  • Property damage the defendant caused. If the defendant caused damage to your home, your vehicle, or any other personal property, you can claim compensation for any such losses in your personal injury suit. Some of these damages may be recoverable through insurance depending on the type of personal injury you suffered, but anything you cannot claim through insurance must be cited in your personal injury case.
  • All medical treatment costs. Most of the personal injury claims filed in Gilbert include physical injuries, and the defendants responsible for the physical injuries are liable for the full scope of medical expenses the plaintiffs face because of their actions. This includes immediate healthcare costs like hospital bills as well as long-term rehabilitation costs. Anything the victim requires to reach maximum medical improvement is claimable.
  • Missing income. When you are unable to work because of your personal injury, the defendant is liable for the wages you are unable to earn during your recovery. If your injury caused permanent harm that will prevent you from returning to work in the future, the defendant will also be responsible for your lost future earning capacity. Your Gilbert personal injury attorney can help you accurately calculate these projected future losses.
  • Pain and suffering. It’s possible to recover compensation for the intangible losses you experienced because of the defendant’s actions, such as your physical pain and psychological trauma. Arizona law does not cap or limit your pain and suffering compensation, so you have the right to seek as much as you believe to be fair to reflect the severity of the harm you suffered.

Once you have an experienced attorney handling your case, they may uncover avenues of compensation that you did not realize were available to you. Your attorney can also help you address any comparative fault you may hold. Under Arizona’s pure comparative negligence rule, if a plaintiff is partially at fault for their damages, their fault percentage is taken from their case award as a penalty.

Ultimately, many variables can influence your case award. It’s possible to face a diminished recovery if you bear partial fault for the incident in question, and it is also possible to recover more than the immediately noticeable damages the defendant caused. When you choose Luis P. Guerra, LLC, to represent your case, we can do everything we can to maximize your recovery as fully as state law allows.

Resolving Your Personal Injury Claim in Gilbert        

Once you have gathered the evidence you will need to prove liability for your personal injury and your attorney has helped you calculate your damages, you are ready to submit your claim to the court. The court will review the complaint and then send the appropriate paperwork to the defendant so they can submit their response. At this point, your case may either proceed to settlement negotiations or a trial.

The majority of personal injury claims filed in Gilbert are resolved in private settlements. This process enables both the plaintiff and the defendant to reach a more expedient result in their case. As long as they are willing to negotiate, they can keep their proceedings private and have more influence over the final outcome. However, if settlement is not a viable option for any reason, the case will need to go to court.

If you must litigate a personal injury claim for any reason, this process will take much longer than settlement, and the final outcome of the case will rest entirely in the hands of the judge handling the claim. Most personal injury attorneys in Arizona seek to settle their clients’ cases as quickly as possible, but the team at Luis P. Guerra, LLC, is fully prepared to represent you in court if necessary.

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You have a limited window in which to pursue compensation for the damages another party inflicted in Gilbert, and a personal injury attorney can help you navigate your case more efficiently and with confidence. If you are unsure how to proceed with your impending personal injury case and need legal counsel you can trust, contact Luis P. Guerra, LLC, today to schedule a free consultation with a Gilbert personal injury attorney.

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Total rating 5★ Quality of Representation Excellent!!! These attorneys understand all that is required to achieve favorable results. Talking with Mr. Shapiro and Mr. Guerra is easy and comfortable. I highly recommend this law firm.

I was badly injured in an accident at work. I hired a well-known attorney to represent me, but it wasn’t till Luis Guerra and his firm joined my case that things actually began to take off. Luis Guerra took my case personally and fought hard for me like I was family. I truly believe that if it wasn’t for him I would not have received the settlement that I did! He is an aggressive and HONEST attorney who will fight for what is right. His entire firm is filled with love and compassion for the victims. In the unfortunate event that you or a loved one is injured, I would HIGHLY recommend Luis Guerra.
Somer T.

Not only did Mr. Guerra and Mr. Shapiro meet their reputation but by far exceeded my expectations. They are diligent advocates for their clients, professional and extremely responsive to all inquiries. Most importantly, they had the expertise and genuine personal concern for my well-being that inspired confidence and ultimately resulted in an outstanding result. Mr. Guerra and Mr. Shapiro are attorneys that are truly interested in the welfare of their clients. I highly recommend having their team on your side for any case.

by Elizabeth H.

Mr. Luis Guerra is one of the most caring and compassionate people I have ever met. Thank God there are still people like him in the world. He carefully explained the entire process to me so I was aware at all times what was going to happen next.

The quality of representation we received was of the highest anyone could expect. It was a privilege to work with Luis and his staff. I am extremely grateful that I chose you to be our attorney. I am relieved that this matter has been concluded. Thank You for representing us. God Bless You.

Cindy B./Phillip H.

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