Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to accidents, injuries, and crashes resulting in wrongful death; their small size often goes unnoticed in busy traffic areas, in addition to riders being more physically exposed and vulnerable compared to other motorists. Understand what is the motorcycle death rate in Arizona, and consult with a Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyer if you or someone you love has been injured in a motorcycle collision.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics on a National and State Scale

Across the United States, there were 6,218 deaths in 2022 that were a result of a motorcycle accident, which is nearly a 5 percent increase from the fatality rate the year prior.

35 percent of motorcycle riders involved in a fatal collision in 2022 were speeding, compared to 33 percent the previous year, while 22 percent of passenger car drivers were found to be speeding in data from both years. 51 percent of speeding motorcyclists involved in a fatal crash in 2022 were aged between 21 and 24 years old.

In the state of Arizona, the annual death rate due to motorcycle accidents is approximately 161 fatalities on average. A 2021 study conducted by the state found that almost 2,600 motorcycle crashes occurred that year, 6.13 percent of which were fatal and 79 percent resulting in injuries. 14.76 percent of motorcycle collisions resulted in property damage only.

Most Common Reasons for Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcycle traffic accidents aren’t more common than any other type of motor vehicle crash, but there is a higher potential for physical harm to the motorcyclist when they do occur. Depending on the severity of the crash, riders may experience fractured bones, damage to the spinal cord, internal injuries and bleeding, road rash that can possibly result in serious scarring, and traumatic brain injuries. Brain injuries are the leading cause of motorcyclist deaths each year.

Most fatal motorcycle collisions involved another vehicle, 78 percent of which were caused because the other driver hit them head-on. It is important information for motorcycle riders and anyone sharing the road with motorcyclists to understand the most frequently reported types of motorcycle accidents and why they are common. This allows riders and drivers to be prepared for potential blind spots and other hazards. Frequent types of motorcycle accidents include:

Motorists fail to notice an oncoming motorcycle when making a left turn. Most of the time, the car or truck driver strikes the motorcyclist when they’re traveling on a straight path through an intersection or trying to pass the vehicle.

Lane splitting. Often motorcycle riders will attempt to weave through stopped cars, usually during a traffic jam, known as lane splitting. This became illegal in the state of Arizona in 2020, so injured motorcyclists are likely to be found at fault if an accident results from lane splitting.

High-performance motorcycles. Supersport and sport motorcycles are able to move at extremely high speeds due to their engines having high horsepower and the overall build being lightweight. Speeds can exceed 160 mph. The rate of fatalities with this type of motorcycle is quadruple the rate of those involving other motorcycles.

Road hazards. Motorcycles tend to be naturally less stable and smaller compared to other vehicles on the road. This can leave riders more susceptible to obstacles on the road, such as debris, potholes, dead animals, and other unexpected irregularities and hazards.

Collisions with fixed objects. Motorcyclists lack the protective metal casing that other motorists have to protect their bodies in the event they collide with a stationary object, such as a fire hydrant, telephone pole, or an opened car door. Any collision can result in serious injury.


Q: What Is the Death Rate for Motorcycles?

A: Arizona has about 161 deaths involving a motorcycle each year, with a slight decrease (0.62 percent) in motorcycle fatalities between 2020 and 2021. National data found that Arizona’s rate of motorcycle deaths was 6.5 fatalities per 10,000 motorcycles.

In 2022, over 6,000 motorcycle riders died as a result of their injuries from a traffic crash, accounting for 15 percent of all deaths occurring on roadways across the country.

Q: What Kills Most Motorcycle Riders?

A: Motorcycle accidents can often occur when they’re in a driver’s blind spot or driving at excessive speeds. Most motorcyclists die as a result of traumatic brain injuries, even when wearing their helmets, so it is also crucial to protect yourself as much as you can. Many motorcycle deaths are connected with alcohol consumption. Riders who survive their injuries can also be left with permanent bodily damage, such as amputations or spinal cord damage.

Q: What Are the Chances of Having a Motorcycle Accident?

A: In 2022, motorcycle riders made up nearly 15 percent of all traffic accident fatalities across the country despite only accounting for 3 percent of all registered vehicles.

This is likely because motorcyclists are much more likely to sustain injuries, especially life-threatening harm, due to their inherently more exposed position on roadways compared to other motorists. Even when wearing a helmet and taking other precautions, their bodies will endure more damage from a crash’s force compared to someone inside a car.

Q: Can You Survive a 100 MPH Motorcycle Crash?

A: It is possible, but unlikely, to survive a high-speed collision; it depends on the angle of impact and how fast the involved vehicles are going. Injuries are more severe when riders are propelled from their motorcycle.

A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report found the average speed of impact within motorcycle accidents to be surprisingly low at 21.5 mph, with the average speed before the crash at around 30 mph. This data indicates that even moderate speeds can be dangerous.

If You’ve Suffered Bodily Harm in a Motorcycle Crash, Consult with an Injury Lawyer

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