The city of Phoenix contains a large population and is a major transportation hub where highways and interstates intertwine. As it is a major hub, many commercial trucks pass through the city on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this means that many truck accidents happen here. If you are an Arizona resident, you may have wondered, “Where do most truck accidents happen in Arizona?”

Where Do Most Truck Accidents Happen in Arizona?

Within the city of Phoenix are the counties of Maricopa and Pinal. As of 2021, the Arizona Department of Transportation stated that over 75% of all accidents happen in these areas, which correlates to the fact that most of the population lives within these counties.

Maricopa County, however, has a higher accident rate according to 2022 statistics, with 85,970 total crashes. Over 660 of the accidents recorded were fatal, and 36,035 resulted in injuries. These numbers are the highest recorded of all the counties in Arizona.

Most of the accidents in Phoenix happen on the most dangerous roads and intersections due to a lack of road signage or pedestrian crossing, along with poor road design. However, truck accidents are mostly the fault of the truck driver, often due to their negligence. If you are the victim of a truck accident, consider hiring a Phoenix truck accident lawyer.

Most Dangerous Intersections in Phoenix

Typically, an accident occurs at an intersection due to the driver’s failure to observe who has the right of way. Head-on collisions and side-impact crashes often happen at dangerous intersections. As a result, injuries to the head, chest, and abdominal region can occur. Some of the most dangerous intersections in Phoenix are:

  • Van Buren Street and Central Avenue
  • Van Buren Street and First Avenue
  • Buckeye Road and Seventh Avenue
  • Glendale Avenue and Nineteenth Avenue

Most Dangerous Roads in Phoenix

There are many causes of accidents on the road, such as distracted driving, driving too fast for road or weather conditions, failing to look before changing lanes, or not giving enough stopping distance. Some of the most dangerous roads in Phoenix with a higher rate of accidents are:

  • Van Buren Street
  • I-70
  • I-17
  • McDowell Road
  • Central Avenue
  • First Avenue

Accidents on the interstate involving commercial trucks are dangerous and often deadly. As most vehicles are traveling faster on the interstate, this can result in more serious crashes and severe injuries. When a truck is involved in a car accident, catastrophic injuries can occur.

Dangerous Highways and Interstates in Arizona

There are several other interstates that are known for having frequent truck accidents, as they are constantly full of busy traffic. Below are a few other interstates and highways that are known for being dangerous in Arizona.

Highway 40

This highway cuts across the state, going from east to west, even intersecting with Route 66 at one point. As there are several tourist attractions along this route, it is a busy highway full of travelers. It is also a common highway for truckers to take since it is a direct way through the state. Because it is an area where many fatal accidents occur each year, it is considered a dangerous highway.

Interstate 60

As it is a two-lane highway, this interstate can be dangerous because truckers can take advantage of the openness of the road. This can lead to truckers potentially becoming distracted or even falling asleep behind the wheel. Certain areas of this route have sharp curves, making visibility difficult.

Interstate 10

This interstate runs from Tucson to Phoenix, but it has been deemed one of the most dangerous highways in the United States.

State Route 64

A common cause of accidents along this route is speeding. The average speed on this state route is around 80 miles per hour, with some traveling up to 110 miles per hour. For trucks traveling at this speed, any accidents that occur can be fatal and cause major damage, making travel along this route dangerous.

U.S. Highway 93

This highway goes from Phoenix, Arizona, to Las Vegas, Nevada. According to recent studies, it has been named the most dangerous in the country. Many fatalities have occurred on the same stretch of highway. Anyone who decides to travel on this highway should practice great caution.


Q: Why Do Truck Accidents Happen in Arizona?

A: Truck accidents usually happen in Arizona due to driver error. Truck drivers are often distracted, fatigued, or overworked. This makes it more likely for truck drivers to make mistakes when driving. In fact, more than half of accidents that occur are due to a truck driver falling asleep behind the wheel, driving too fast for weather or road conditions, or panicking and making rash decisions.

Q: Where Do Most Truck Accidents Occur in Arizona?

A: Most truck accidents occur on Highway 40 in Arizona, as it is a very busy route for commercial trucks. Many fatal accidents take place on this highway, as many out-of-state travelers come through to get to tourist destinations. Having semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, and other commercial trucks take this route can lead to an increased risk of collisions involving these vehicles.

Q: What Are the Accident Trends in Arizona?

A: The accident trends in Arizona continue to rise. There were 119,991 accidents recorded in the state for 2022. The recorded number of fatal accidents also continued to increase since 2010. A little less than 1,200 accidents in 2022 were fatal, and about 35,900 accidents caused injuries to the victims. Around 83,000 of the accidents only resulted in property damage.

Q: What Is the Deadliest Highway in Arizona?

A: The deadliest highway in Arizona is U.S. Highway 93. Even though there are other state routes, interstates, and highways that are also considered very dangerous, this one is considered the most deadly, as 70 deadly crashes have happened, with 90 fatalities. It is also known for a long emergency medical response wait time.

Consult a Phoenix Truck Accident Injury Lawyer

As the city of Phoenix has a large population and contains a major intersection of highways and interstates, many commercial trucks pass through it daily. Due to the high quantity of trucks driving through the city, many truck accidents happen here. If you are an Arizona resident and have been the victim of a truck accident, contact Luis P. Guerra, L.L.C.