A slip-and-fall accident might seem on the surface like no big deal, but it can actually result in significant injuries—even if you appear okay at first. Depending on the circumstances and how you take the fall, you could suffer from broken limbs, internal hemorrhaging, serious wounds, spine or neck injury, or even life-threatening head injuries—resulting in high medical bills and lost wages.

If your fall took place because the property owner was negligent, you are eligible to receive compensation for your injuries—but proving negligence can be a challenge. What you do in the moments following a slip-and-fall accident can make all the difference in strengthening your case. The following steps should provide some guidance.

Get Medical Attention

Even if you feel well enough to get home, injuries from a fall may surface after the fact. If need be, request medical attention at the scene—but at the very least, see your doctor or go to an emergency room to get checked out as soon as possible after the accident. Medical documentation of your injuries is a key to getting compensation. (Be sure to get copies of your medical bills, as well.)

Take Lots of Photos

Smartphones are a modern marvel because anyone who has one can take photos instantly. Evidence of negligence may disappear within moments of your accident, so snap as many photos as you can to document what happened. Take photos of slick/wet floors, ice and snow and other surroundings that might have contributed to your fall. Also take photos of your physical injuries. Make a note of the exact location where your fall took place.

Get Witness Accounts

If anyone saw your fall, be sure to get a witness statement from them as evidence. (If you can shoot video on your phone, all the better.) If the police were called, get a copy of the police report, as well.

Hire an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

Slip-and-fall accidents are difficult cases to pursue on your own, especially when it comes time to talk to the owner’s insurance company. You need a skilled personal injury attorney in Phoenix in your corner who knows what evidence to gather, what questions to ask, what to say and not to say, when it’s time to negotiate, and when it’s time to litigate.

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