Statistically speaking, you are in the most danger of a fire or burn inside your own home. Household appliances require maintenance and cautionary measures that people often forget to be careful of.

Precautionary Steps

Heating units and furnaces should be inspected annually by qualified technicians and kept a safe distance away from other flammable objects. Never run electrical wires underneath rugs or furniture, and make sure all cords and outlets are not frayed or broken. Many home fires are caused by improper installation of Do-It-Yourself electrical projects and remodels, use a licensed electrician if you are unsure how to go about the correct installation. If you live in an older apartment or house, it is not uncommon to have an outdated electrical system. You may be in danger of this if your fuses blow or circuit trips frequently, if your lights dim when you use an appliance, or if you have to unplug one appliance to use another.

Keep in mind, the holiday season is around the corner. It is worth taking extra safety precautions to ensure a happy and healthy holiday. Between the Christmas trees, Christmas lights, candles, fires, and cooking, the holiday season is one of the most dangerous times for house fires. It is crucial to take extra caution with extension cords and plugs. Be sure to turn tree lights off before heading to bed and always water the tree to keep it alive and healthy to display the lights.

Severity of Burns

Burn injuries are amongst the most common and dangerous household injuries. This past 2013, there were over 450,000 burn victim incidents requiring medical attention. A burn can vary in severity and is categorized by either being a first-, second-, or third-degree burn, depending on how deep the injury is.

First-degree burns only affect the outermost layers of the skin, leave minimal damage, and can usually be treated with at-home remedies. A burn has reached second-degree if the wound extends past the top layer of the skin and causes blistering with extreme pain. Third-degree burns are the worst type because the burn has reached through every layer of skin. A common misconception is that third-degree is the most painful, but you may not actually experience pain since it is possible that it has burnt through your nerves. A third-degree burn requires immediate medical attention and is identified by charred appearance that turns raises the skin to a leathery, white blistered and dark brown color.

The medical solution to properly addressing a burn wound can be a long process of skin grafts and surgeries at a high price. Being a burn victim can leave severe scarring on your skin and be devastating to your self-image. If you have been injured at the expense of someone else’s negligence or faulty product, you deserve to be protected from further damage, physically and financially. If you have reason to believe that you or a loved one’s burn injury was at the fault of a 3rd party, you may qualify for victim compensation. L.P. Guerra has experience in getting burn victims the compensation they deserve for their medical bills and consequential damage.