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Motorcycles are popular throughout Arizona and may be enjoyable for experienced motorcyclists, but they are also inherently more dangerous than most other vehicles. All riders must understand the hazards they face while using their motorcycles around larger passenger vehicles, and they should know what to do after an accident happens. If you or a loved one recently suffered severe injuries in a motorcycle accident caused by another driver, you could face a very difficult recovery process if you do not have reliable legal counsel on your side.

Scottsdale Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Comprehensive Legal Representation for Scottsdale Motorcycle Accident Claims

Luis P. Guerra, LLC, can provide the client-focused legal representation you need to recover from your recent motorcycle accident with confidence and peace of mind. Our team has extensive experience with all types of motor vehicle accident claims, including motorcycle accidents that result in catastrophic injuries. If you believe any other party bears responsibility for your injuries and economic losses, we can assist you in holding them accountable.

Proving Liability for a Motorcycle Accident in Scottsdale, AZ

Before the victim of any motor vehicle accident can secure compensation for their damages, they must identify the party responsible for causing those damages. Some of the most commonly cited causes of motorcycle accidents in the Scottsdale area include:

  • Distracted driving, the leading cause of all vehicle accidents in the United States each year. Inattentive driving is especially dangerous for motorcyclists because it is easier for other drivers to miss them due to their smaller size and narrower profiles.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI), which is a violation of Arizona law and is likely to lead to severe criminal penalties for the at-fault driver. Any driver who causes a motorcycle accident because of DUI is likely to face a felony charge if they cause severe bodily harm or fatal injury.
  • Speeding, which also increases the chance of a motorcycle accident resulting in catastrophic or fatal injuries. Speeding is the top contributing factor to fatal motorcycle crashes throughout the United States each year.
  • Poor visibility, which is especially dangerous for motorcyclists as their vehicles are much harder to notice than larger passenger cars.
  • Moving violations like illegal turns, running red lights, and failure to correctly navigate intersections. These actions disrupt the flow of traffic and can easily startle other drivers.

These are only a few possible causes of motorcycle accidents. Once you have determined how your accident happened and who is at fault, you will likely have multiple options for recovering your losses. Most vehicle accident claims in Scottsdale are resolved with auto insurance claims, but when insurance is not enough to compensate the plaintiff’s damages, they must file a personal injury claim to recover their outstanding damages not covered by insurance.

What to Expect in an Auto Insurance Claim

All Arizona drivers are required to carry auto insurance that provides at least $25,000 in single-person bodily injury liability coverage, at least $50,000 in total accident bodily injury liability coverage for multiple victims, and at least $15,000 in property damage liability coverage. While these coverage requirements may seem like more than enough to cover the damages from a car accident, the reality is that motorcycle accidents tend to generate extreme injuries that demand extensive ongoing medical care and interfere with victims’ quality of life and ability to work and support themselves.

Additionally, insurance companies are not always willing to engage in good faith, and they often look for all the reasons they can find to justify claim denials and lowball settlement offers. After you have identified the party responsible for your motorcycle accident, your attorney can assist you in filing a claim against their auto insurance policy. The insurance company will be more inclined to process your claim in good faith when you have legal counsel advising you, and an experienced Scottsdale motorcycle accident attorney is the ideal partner for preparing your demand letter to the insurance company.

When you choose Luis P Guerra, LLC, to represent you, we will help you file your insurance claim promptly and ensure the claim is processed in good faith. Once you receive a settlement offer from the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier, we will review the terms of their policy to ensure you received a fair offer, and if you have outstanding losses, we will move to help you with your personal injury suit against the at-fault driver.

Damages and Compensation for a Motorcycle Accident Claim in Scottsdale

Any motorcycle accident can cause life-changing damages to the victim and serious economic difficulties for their household. Under Arizona law, the plaintiff in a personal injury case has the right to seek comprehensive repayment of all the financial losses the defendant inflicted on them, including those that have not yet materialized. For example, you have the right to claim compensation for medical treatment costs and your lost income during recovery. However, if you suffered permanent harm that impairs your earning power, you also have the right to claim compensation for ongoing medical treatment costs and the future income you are no longer able to earn.

The exact value of your claim can vary based on multiple factors. Working with an experienced Scottsdale motorcycle accident lawyer offers the best chance of not only navigating your case efficiently but also of maximizing the total compensation you receive. If you choose Luis P. Guerra, LLC, to represent you as your legal counsel, our firm will help you uncover every channel of economic recovery available to you.

Beyond your economic losses, state law also allows the plaintiff to claim pain and suffering compensation. There is no maximum amount of pain and suffering you are allowed to claim once you have proven liability for your injuries. Your attorney can assist you in determining a suitable figure based on the scope and severity of the injuries and long-term complications you are likely to experience. The sooner you connect with trustworthy legal counsel after an accident, the easier it will be to navigate all the legal proceedings necessary for your full recovery.

Motorcycle Crash FAQs

Q: How Much Does a Scottsdale Motorcycle Accident Attorney Cost to Hire?

A: Luis P. Guerra, LLC, uses a contingency fee billing policy to ensure our legal representation is available to those who need it most. There are no upfront or ongoing legal fees with this billing arrangement, and the client only pays a fee once we win compensation on their behalf. Additionally, the contingency fee is a percentage of their final case award, so there is no risk of the client’s legal fees overshadowing the total compensation they win.

Q: How Long Does a Motorcycle Accident Case Take to Resolve?

A: The time required to complete any civil claim for damages depends on the complexity of the plaintiff’s damages and the willingness of the defendant to take responsibility for their actions. If you have an experienced Scottsdale motorcycle accident attorney representing you and have a firm grasp of the total amount of damages you are legally entitled to claim from the defendant, it may only take a few weeks to settle your case. However, if you must resolve the matter through litigation for any reason, this will take much longer.

Q: How Much Compensation Can I Receive for a Motorcycle Accident in Scottsdale?

A: Arizona law permits the plaintiff of a personal injury case to seek full repayment of all the economic losses they suffered because of the defendant’s actions. These are likely to include property damage, medical expenses, and lost income. Additionally, state law allows the plaintiff to claim pain and suffering compensation for the physical pain and emotional trauma of their experience. The best way to assess the total potential value of your case is to consult an experienced Scottsdale motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible.

Q: What Happens If a Scottsdale Motorcycle Accident Is Fatal?

A: In the event that the victim of any personal injury does not survive the injury, their family would have the right to file a wrongful death claim in lieu of a personal injury claim. While functionally similar to a personal injury case in many ways, wrongful death claim are quite different in many areas, and it’s essential to choose an attorney experienced in handling this type of case if you have recently lost a loved one in a fatal motorcycle crash.

Q: What Happens if the Plaintiff Is Partially Responsible for Their Motorcycle Accident?

A: Arizona enforces the modified comparative fault rule, meaning that a plaintiff may lose a portion of their case award in a personal injury suit if they bear any measure of partial liability for causing their damages. The judge overseeing the case assigns a fault percentage to each liable party. The plaintiff’s fault percentage is deducted from their case award, so bearing 25% fault would result in them losing 25% of their final compensation. If the plaintiff bears more than 50% fault, they lose the right to claim damages from the defendant.

Luis P. Guerra, LLC, can provide the comprehensive and compassionate legal counsel you need after experiencing a motorcycle accident in Scottsdale because of the negligence or misconduct of another party. Our firm has years of professional experience in Arizona personal injury law that we are ready to extend to you throughout all of your case proceedings until you reach the best possible outcome for your case. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with an experienced Scottsdale motorcycle accident attorney you can trust.

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Total rating 5★ Quality of Representation Excellent!!! These attorneys understand all that is required to achieve favorable results. Talking with Mr. Shapiro and Mr. Guerra is easy and comfortable. I highly recommend this law firm.

I was badly injured in an accident at work. I hired a well-known attorney to represent me, but it wasn’t till Luis Guerra and his firm joined my case that things actually began to take off. Luis Guerra took my case personally and fought hard for me like I was family. I truly believe that if it wasn’t for him I would not have received the settlement that I did! He is an aggressive and HONEST attorney who will fight for what is right. His entire firm is filled with love and compassion for the victims. In the unfortunate event that you or a loved one is injured, I would HIGHLY recommend Luis Guerra.
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Not only did Mr. Guerra and Mr. Shapiro meet their reputation but by far exceeded my expectations. They are diligent advocates for their clients, professional and extremely responsive to all inquiries. Most importantly, they had the expertise and genuine personal concern for my well-being that inspired confidence and ultimately resulted in an outstanding result. Mr. Guerra and Mr. Shapiro are attorneys that are truly interested in the welfare of their clients. I highly recommend having their team on your side for any case.

by Elizabeth H.

Mr. Luis Guerra is one of the most caring and compassionate people I have ever met. Thank God there are still people like him in the world. He carefully explained the entire process to me so I was aware at all times what was going to happen next.

The quality of representation we received was of the highest anyone could expect. It was a privilege to work with Luis and his staff. I am extremely grateful that I chose you to be our attorney. I am relieved that this matter has been concluded. Thank You for representing us. God Bless You.

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